J&K’s ‘Vikas Purush’ LG Manoj Sinha intent on making progress amidst constant challenges in 3 yrs

“जिस दिन से चला हूँ मिरी मंज़िल पे नज़र है आँखों ने कभी मील का पत्थर नहीं देखा” बशीर बद्र The above inspirational lines often quoted by the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha from poet Bashir Badra’s poem speaks about the firm intentions of the LG. In the three years of the development journey of Jammu & Kashmir, innumerable milestones have been achieved, he said. Efforts are on to develop and realise a new Jammu & Kashmir. Our vision is very clear, we aim at bringing peace, prosperity and development. Residents said that the Govt has decided on the path of progress and it will take us far ahead. The administration is working for it and we will always support it, said the people of Kashmir. The era of progress has begun in Jammu & Kashmir. LG is also known as ‘Vikas Purush’. A new beginning has been made in terms of progress which we all have been witnessing for the past two years, said residents. All the districts in Jammu & Kashmir are progressing. The elders belonging to the weaker communities are all praises for the LG for taking care of their needs. Over the years, the socio-economic system of Kashmir was facing a serious crisis. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, a journey began to weather the stormy crisis and to make Jammu & Kashmir rich and strong again. In three years, we have been constantly facing challenges. We are constantly trying to bridge the long gap between villages, and between villages and cities. The Prime Minister too praised LG Manoj Sinha and his team for making sincere efforts to end the disease of corruption in the Union Territory. Under the administration of the LG, several bridges have been constructed to give relief to the poor and commuters. Those who migrated from Jammu & Kashmir it is hard to feel their pain and sadness, LG said. The delivery of temporary accommodation has been delayed but the intention was always to prioritise the task of the migrants, LG said. LG Sir is a man of action. What he says he does. We were hopeful and optimistic and we have got our demand of a secured accommodation in Kashmir, said migrants. Speaking about Jammu & Kashmir nearing its destination, LG quoted lines from a poem… अभी तो जाग रहे हैं चराग़ राहों के अभी है दूर सहर थोड़ी दूर साथ चलो कठिन है राहगुज़र थोड़ी दूर साथ चलो बहुत बड़ा है सफ़र थोड़ी दूर साथ चलो अहमद फ़राज़ We have reached near our goal, said the Lieutenant Governor. He asked for the support and cooperation of the people of Jammu & Kashmir to reach the destination. What India has targeted to achieve by 2047, LG said Kashmir will also reach its goal and shall contribute no less than any other state of India.

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