J&K LG Sinha Salutes the Dedicated Workers & Security Forces Who Made the 2023 Shri Amarnathji Yatra

I would first like to thank the 3500 sanitation workers, the langar sewadars and thousands of people associated with other services, health services and social workers who put in their best efforts for the 2023 Shri Amarnathji yatra. And I would like to praise all the workers who worked day and night to correct the walking tracks. On behalf of the Shrine Board, I am expressing gratitude on behalf of all and we are celebrating them. And I would like to say that in the 62-days of the holy yatra, with a spirit of penance and sacrifice these people dedicated themselves completely to the service and convenience of the devotees coming from India and abroad during the Yatra. The praise cannot be expressed in words. It can’t be appreciated in words, it can only be felt. And because of their hard work and your guidance, the journey of the devotees remained hassle-free, LG said. And for this selfless service, the entire Jammu and Kashmir administration and the nation are grateful. I also appreciate thousands of palanquin and pony walas. In the midst of today’s proceedings, along with every officer present here, along with every worker, I would also like to express my gratitude to the 1 crore and twenty-five lakh people of Jammu and Kashmir. To the public who has made immense contribution in making this journey successful I also express my gratitude to my media colleagues who, through their coverage, provided true information to the devotees of Baba across the country. It is true that due to everyone’s collective efforts, Baba Barfani’s journey became a topic of much discussion this year. This time many devotees came from abroad also. Those who came from California, you all heard, they had been waiting for three decades for the darshan. Their wish was fulfilled which only Baba can fulfill, LG said. The kind of praise the visiting devotees gave to the rescue team, our soldiers, the way local people showed their help assisting family members, they were engaged in every kind of help so that no devotee faces any difficulty. Many people continued this work of service despite facing difficulties themselves. I salute them all, LG said. I salute their penance and their spirit of selfless service. The three key issues of security, safety and water, I said it in less than a minute, but we can all imagine how much hard work the people responsible for providing these must have put in, preparing for days in advance. I congratulate the entire Jammu and Kashmir Police, the Army, Navy, Paramilitary Forces and all those associated with the 2023 Amarnath yatra. How careful everyone was from the Camp director, all the officers connected with the yatra, they were doing penance outside their job. And all these valuable people with their service have contributed in taking the rich cultural tradition of the holy Amarnath yatra to new heights. After the successful organisation of G20, we have successfully completed this year’s journey. And it is a symbol of the new aspirational and confident Jammu and Kashmir. The people of Jammu & Kashmir are successful in facing challenges like a mountain. You have made new paths, I know that a new history is being written today, the LG said giving a warm salute to all. You will inspire generations to come, he said.

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