J&K LG Sinha Lays Foundation for a 125-Bedded Hospital in Budgam To Improve the Lives of People

The foundation of a 125-bedded hospital in Budgam has been laid in Jammu & Kashmir with an investment of Rs 50 crore, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. When systems run properly, the common man benefits from it, he said. Jammu and Kashmir, which has immense potential and millions of aspirations, has had to wait for a long time for facilities. How to close what used to be a long distance between your dreams and government facilities, every effort is being made to bridge the long gap that existed earlier. Today’s program is proof of this. Once again, the entire administration of Jammu and Kashmir is working with full strength and sensitivity to improve the lives of the citizens. Personally, I believe that Jammu and Kashmir has the potential to become the most developed state of India. Therefore, there should be a change in the thinking of the people; future-oriented ideology should come into everyone’s mind, LG said. The administration and the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir are working towards achieving the goals of progress by giving priority to the development plans, giving priority to the country’s governance. We will definitely be able to achieve this goal by keeping the development plan in line with politics, giving priority to the country and taking it to the heights of progress if the administration and the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir develop it in a dedicated manner. I would request you to find out how such elements are still trying to increase the feeling of hatred in the society, how to create resentment towards each other, how to disturb the peace, how to hinder the prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir. I would request you to identify these elements and save the society from them. Many such faces have been exposed. Many are still working behind the scenes. Those faces you know well. And now the time has come that voice should be raised from every house, LG stated If we want to see a permanently prosperous Jammu and Kashmir for future generations, a Jammu and Kashmir where there is complete peace and tranquility, then it is the job of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to identify each and every person of the terrorist eco system and isolate them from the society. Forces are doing their work, Jammu and Kashmir administration is doing their work, Jammu Kashmir Police will do its work. But we want to request you that every effort is being made to make Jammu and Kashmir terrorism free and with the cooperation of all of you, we will definitely achieve this goal. Today we want to tell you this, LG said adding, that only together can we succeed in opening the doors of new happiness in this heaven on earth, LG Manoj Sinha said.

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