Houseboat Owners Face Unprecedented Low Water Levels in River Jhelum, Raise Concerns for Tourism

My Houseboat has been lying here for one and-a-half months because the water has reduced. This is for the first time that I saw so less water in the month of September in River Jhelum. Usually we see less water in January-February. The main reason is pollution and that is why it does not rain, said the Houseboat owner. Glaciers have melted so there is no water. Thirty-forty years ago Jhelum was considered a beautiful river, but with no water, tourism industry will suffer. We hope that it rains so that we can run our houseboats. We request the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha to look into it so that it is not repeated next time, said a houseboat owner.

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