Jammu organized SVEEP Mega Event at Zorawar Singh Auditorium, University of Jammu

In 2019, the Jammu Parliamentary constituency witnessed a commendable 75% voter turnout, reflecting a significant engagement in the democratic process. However, the absence of the remaining 25% raises concerns regarding civic participation. The recent SVEEP Mega Event held at the Zorawar Singh Auditorium, University of Jammu, underscores the importance of voter education and awareness. It serves as a platform to encourage first-time voters to recognize the weight of their responsibility in shaping the nation’s future. By emphasizing the moral imperative of voting, particularly among young adults, the event seeks to instill a sense of duty and civic consciousness. Addressing the first-time voters directly, the message resonates with the significance of their role in upholding democracy. Their participation is not merely a privilege but a solemn obligation toward the country’s progress and welfare. By registering and actively participating in the electoral process, citizens demonstrate their commitment to democratic values and principles. The call for universal participation in elections transcends mere statistics. It speaks to the essence of democracy, where every voice matters, and every vote counts. While the previous turnout of 75% is commendable, the aspiration is for full and inclusive participation, ensuring that the democratic process truly reflects the will of the people. The initiatives undertaken, such as the SVEEP Mega Event, alongside grassroots efforts to promote voter awareness, are vital steps toward fostering a culture of robust democratic engagement. By harnessing the collective power of citizens, irrespective of age or background, India can strengthen its democratic fabric and realise its full potential as a nation.

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