Jammu Common Service Centre helping residents avail online government services at one place

There are 4 lakh Common Service Centres (CSC) functioning in every part of the country, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The government’s hundreds of services are reaching the people. These Common Service Centres are a means of employment for lakhs of youth. Residents of Jammu said the benefits of online services are that they do not have to go far for small services. They do not have to take out special time to visit the DC office. There are CSCs in every area. The people can go there to get information and even to submit general applications. Even PAN card services, Aadhar services are catered to at CSCs. Some State government services like Income certificate, domicile, caste certificate, etc are also taken care of by the centres. All the general services which people need are provided by the Common service Centres. A Jammu resident said the best thing is all the facilities are digitally available at the common centre at one place. We do not have to run around in different departments. Also, we do not have to stand in line to wait for our turn to get the Ayushman card made. This is a good initiative by the government. A female resident of Jammu also appreciated the CSC facility as the Digital Seva helps them to get things done smoothly without hassles as dealing with government departments and officers was a pain before.

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