Jammu and Kashmir | A Tale of Courage & Dreams Realised Under PM Modi’s Leadership | LG Manoj Sinha

Jammu and Kashmir | A Tale of Courage & Dreams Realised Under PM Modi’s Leadership | LG Manoj Sinha If we are talking about India and do not talk about its crown jewel Jammu and Kashmir, then I feel that the discussion would be incomplete. Jammu and Kashmir is in every breath of India’s golden story, said the Lieutenant Governor of J&K, Shri Manoj Sinha speaking at the Confluence “Baat Bharat Ki” in New Delhi on January 15, 2024 If we talk about India’s spiritual culture and wisdom, then Jammu and Kashmir is an inherent part in it. For many decades, the self-confidence, hopes, expectations and dreams of common citizens were shattered. But on 5 August 2019, India’s current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi showed his strength by freeing Jammu and Kashmir from the bondages. And re-established the prestige of those dreams in the development of the common man. If we pay attention, the journey of J&K in the last four-and-a-half years has been a journey of courage and determination of the PM. On 31st December, the English New Year eve, surpassing the videos of 2023 celebration from across the country, J&K videos were more viral where the picture of the celebration going on till 2 am at Lal Chowk was visible, LG said. Those pictures testify that J&K has entered a new era of light by removing the darkness that has prevailed for a long time. Today in the valleys of J&K, one can hear not the sound of bullets but the noise of progress. Young people are visible in the morning not with stones but tablets and laptops in their hands. Even in the harsh cold, people from other parts of the country are enjoying the night life in the valleys of J&K today. In the 21st century, one of the parameters of development in almost all parts of the world is whether there is nightlife or not. Also, the kind of restaurants, entertainment facilities available for the occupants of the city and how safe is the place for a family from crime point of view. Those who have travelled to J&K in the last three years are witness to this change. J&K has achieved its new position in the field of tourism. In the year 2023, 2 crore 11 lakh people came. And in its previous year, 1 crore 88 lakh people came. This is the biggest figure till date. After the successful organisation of the G20 meeting, an increase of 350 times has been recorded in the number of foreign tourists. Fifty-five thousand foreign tourists visited there last year. The people in J&K are walking the path of peace creation and progress with determination. Three tier system got implemented for the first time. The pace of project completion has increased. Around 9200 projects were completed in the year I took charge. About 92,500 projects have been completed in the last financial year. Around 31, 500 government jobs have been given in the last three years. More than seven lakh youth have become entrepreneurs. J&K lived the campaign for Meri Mati Mera Desh getting the 1st prize for duty from the PM. During the event, Tricolour flags were seen in villages and cities. The enthusiasm and passion of the common citizen is also visible. After a long time, tricolour is fluttering in the lap of Ravi, Jhelum, Chenab and Himalayas. Today, the whole country has heard the slogans of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ coming from 1.4 crore J&K throats. And this is the picture of self-respect and new soul revolution presented by J&K. 5 Marla land is being given to poor people for housing in Jammu and Kashmir. Highways and tunnels worth roughly Rs 1.5 lakh crore are running in Jammu and Kashmir today because of the Prime Minister. Kashmir is also going to be connected to Kanyakumari by rail this year. Air connectivity has also become much better than before. Today we are at fifth position in the country in terms of farmers’ income, when I took charge, we were at the ninth position. Today’s contribution of agriculture and allied sectors in GDP will increase by two-and-a-half times after implementation of Holistic Agriculture Development Plan, according to a conservative assessment. If we look at it from sports point of view, Jammu and Kashmir is emerging as a new powerhouse. We have achieved many such things and terrorism is taking its last breaths and we are not only trying to end terrorism but also working on a plan to end the entire ecosystem. When I look at J&K, I can say one thing that the PM Narendra Modi did the work of laying its foundation. And the laying of bricks was done by the Home Minister Amit Shah. And like a squirrel, by wrapping sand in its tail, we are also sprinkling it so that Ram Setu can be completely built, said the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha at the ‘Baat Bharat Ki’ Confluence in New Delhi.

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