Indore Pilgrims’ Sacred Journey to Amarnath with Baba Shri Shyam: A Divine Experience

We have come from Indore and we are travelling to Amarnath cave with our Baba whom we call Shri Shyam. Wherever we go he goes with us, said a group of male pilgrims from Indore. We are carrying Baba Shri Shyam on our shoulders in a palki. We have brought him to meet Baba Barfani. After darshan we will go to Vaishno Devi from Amarnath. We reached the cave before time and got the darshan before time, said the pilgrims. No problem has come till now due to his presence and will never come again. We faced no difficulty in food and stay either. The Army men walked with us when it got late to drop us at the camp.

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