Female pilgrim during divine Amarnath darshan prays for Modi leadership in 2024

I am fortunate that God has chosen me to have Amarnath darshan said a female pilgrim. This is my fifth year of fasting during Sawan. And I am very happy to be here. We are seeing something very beautiful which has never been seen before, said another female pilgrim appearing middle aged. We are seeing new things of nature here. The views we are seeing may not be seen again in life, she said. If Modi is there everything is possible everywhere, she added. If Modi is not there, then nobody can make it possible. No one else can make this difficult path. All the development happening, if not us then our children will get happiness and facilities in future. We only tell Baba one thing that only Modi will come and only Modi should come. Our future should be under him in all three eras, said the middle aged pilgrim emphatically. Other female pilgrims were also thankful to the Jammu & Kashmir administration for providing such good facilities to the yatris.

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