“Hum Sab Ek Hain”: A Programme Bridging Hearts from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Promoting Unity & Peace

Bridging geographical distances, a programme “Hum Sab Ek Hain” an initative of Sarhad Foundation Pune has been started to connect hearts from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari. We are all one, says the programme. It has started from SKICC Kashmir. And Honourable Chief Minister Shri Eknath Shinde ji has come here for its commencement from Srinagar. From Himalaya to Sahyadri, Shivalik to Satpura, Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra, despite different cultures, languages and lifestyle, are close to each other in spirit, LG said. This unity in diversity is our heritage, our strength. And this is our pride. The thought of taking the country forward can happen only through peace, harmony and social justice, LG stated. If every Indian will grow step by step with the determination of national pride, then I think it will definitely become easier for Indians to reach the goal. The mixed ecosystem of terror and conflict profiteers had stifled human progress for decades in Kashmir. It’s time to end it. We have achieved considerable success. But for complete peace and prosperity, it is necessary that the youth of Jammu Kashmir, every citizen of Jammu Kashmir should join us in the campaign just like the successful organisation of G20. Control is being continuously tightened on conflict profiteers. Frightened by this and with the help of Pakistan, terrorists attacked our soldiers and police officers. Our soldiers made supreme sacrifice for the protection of the unity and integrity of the country. I pay tribute to their martyrdom. And we have full confidence in the bravery of our soldiers. And I want to assure that every drop of blood of the soldiers will be fully accounted for, LG said.

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