How to control fire in initial stages, Kulgam youth learn safety tips at awareness programme

A Fire Service Week was observed in Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir, organised by the Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services to spread awareness in fire safety. Officials demonstrated how to tackle a cylinder that has caught fire to avoid big accidents. Whenever there is an accident in the initial stages, how can we control it ourselves? How to use fire retardants? How to protect ourselves? The fire officials demonstrated these safety guidelines. The initial stages of fire can be controlled by us but we do not know how to do it. The aim is to let the people know how to control the fire. The youth in Kulgam participating in the programme said that awareness programmes like these should happen in every school and college and in every village. In freak accidents, cylinders catch fire then at that time what needs to be done to control that fire from building up and keeping ourselves and families safe we learnt from the Fire Service Week programme, Kulgam youth responded.

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