Havan performed in Kulgam to bring peace in Kashmir

We have come here to Kulgam from Jammu to do havan said Kashmiri Pandits. Even villagers from nearby have come here. The aim of the havan is to have safety and peace in Kashmir. We want to come to our birthplace. We feel for our birthplace. Muslims too participate and cooperate with us. Our brotherhood is nice, several Kashmiri Pandit families said. In Kulgam, both the Hindus and Muslims believe in the havan and are praying for peace in India, in the whole of Kashmir and in Kulgam, havan participants added. We want the migrated Kashmiri Pandits to come back and live in their homeland with peace just like they were living before. The Kashmiri Pandits said they were pained not of losing homes but getting separated from their brothers. The Muslim brothers said that they want the Kashmiri Pandits to come back to Kashmir and live with love like before.

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