Gujjar and Bakarwal use free transportation from the govt to get livestocks uphill in Srinagar

The Tribal Affairs Department of Jammu and Kashmir has started providing trucks for the transportation of livestock and families of the migratory tribal populations in order to empower the tribals. Seven lakh people from tribal communities, including Gujjars and Bakerwals, travel every year with their livestock. Earlier, they used to travel on foot till Kashmir and then make the backward journey before the onset of winters. They used to face a lot of difficulties during their long travels. Now they are grateful to the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha and the administration that they have given this transportation support. The transport facility drastically reduces their travel time from the previous 20-30 days to one or two days only. Also, it saves them from furious rains. The foot journey was a difficult time for the small children. They used to fall sick during their travels. The tribals had to face death sometimes too. They had to spend nights in the jungles. The tribals are happy that the government is taking their journey seriously. Now it has become very convenient for them as they get the transportation trucks which carry their families and livestocks straight to their destination.

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