Grievance Redressal Workshop on NCSS held at DIC Kathua

KATHUA, MAY 15: The District Industries Centre (DIC) Kathua, in collaboration with the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Jammu, organized a Grievance Redressal Workshop to enhance the efficacy of the New Central Sponsored Scheme (NCSS) for Industrial Development in Jammu and Kashmir.
Held in the conference hall at the Common Facility Centre (CFC), SICOP Govindsar Kathua, the workshop witnessed enthusiastic participation from over 15 investors representing the Kathua region. Its primary objective was to streamline the claim filing process under the NCSS framework, addressing prevalent information gaps and resolving grievances encountered by investors.
Participants were engaged in interactive sessions where they received comprehensive insights into the claim filing procedures, including eligibility criteria, documentation requirements and timelines. This ensured a thorough understanding among stakeholders, fostering transparency and clarity within the NCSS framework.
Moreover, the workshop provided a platform to investors to voice their concerns directly to officials from DIC Kathua and PIU Jammu, facilitating real-time clarifications and solutions. Such proactive grievance redressal initiatives not only promote transparency but also cultivate an environment conducive to industrial growth and investment in the region.
It was emphasized in the meeting that the significance of such initiatives in bridging information gaps and building trust between the government and the investor community. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of DIC Kathua and PIU Jammu to nurture a conducive ecosystem for industrial development in Jammu and Kashmir.
Pertinently, such workshops are being organised to ensure efficient implementation and uptake of the NCSS for Industrial Development in Jammu and Kashmir. It also aligns with the government’s vision of promoting sustainable economic growth and fostering employment generation in the region.

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