Govt school teachers focus on each student, say students in Chadoora

Government Higher Secondary School in Hayatpoora Chadoora in Budgam district is a newly accredited school. The building is new, says its Principal. She is thankful to the Education department for spending Rs 2 crore for the school’s building. Earlier, the infrastructure was too little. Now there are 12 rooms in the building. The building includes an ICT Lab, Computer lab, library, laboratory and separate washrooms for girls and boys. The faculty is also nice. The teachers teach in a good manner, said the principal. A girl student of Government Higher Secondary School, Chadoora says how when she used to study in private school, she had to pay a lot more money as fees. Moreover, the education there is not the same because the teachers, although well qualified, do not pay much attention to the children. So she is requesting all parents to get their children admitted in government schools. The government is giving a number of benefits like scholarships and free coaching which the children should take benefit of. In addition, the government school teachers are well qualified and teach very well. Another girl student said in private schools, the teachers do not focus so much on children whereas in a government school, the teacher focuses on each and every child. They completely shower their attention on every student. A male student said earlier they had to travel 2-3 km away to attend Higher Secondary school. Now the children are happy that their village has a Higher Secondary school. In today’s times, the government schools are self-sufficient and are satisfying the education needs of children in J&K.

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