Garlic an ODOP product sustains farmers livelihoods, boosts economy of Kulgam

KULGAM, JUNE 06: Garlic, an ODOP product of District Kulgam famous for its golden brown husk, bulbous form and low acidity factor has played a key role in sustaining the livelihood of native farmers, besides significantly boosting the district’s economy.
The area’s unique cold and high-altitude climate has proven ideal for producing high-quality garlic, fostering economic growth and sustainability for the community.
Under the Government of India’s One District One Product (ODOP) initiative, Kulgam’s garlic has been spotlighted for its exceptional quality.
The initiative aims to promote balanced regional development by selecting, branding and promoting a unique product from each district. For Kulgam, the product under ODOP is garlic, renowned for its golden brown husk, bulbous form, and low acidity compared to other varieties.
Local farmers, with continuous support from the Agricultural Department, attest to the superior quality of Kulgam garlic.
Experts from the Agriculture department highlighted that Kulgam cultivates one of the finest garlic varieties in the country, with 166 hectares dedicated to garlic farming yielding 1826 metric tons of dry garlic annually. This production generates substantial revenue of 7.30 crore rupees for the district.
The experts added that versatility of Kulgam garlic is a key factor in its selection for the ODOP initiative.
They added that Kulgam garlic can be used in various forms, including fresh, dry, garlic paste and pickles, and natural chemicals in Kulgam garlic are of such high quality that they are unmatched.
The focus of District Administration under the ODOP initiative is propelling the ‘garlic revolution,’ ensuring that the district continues to thrive and achieve new heights in agricultural excellence.

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