From stone thrower to voter: Aijaz Ahmad Sheikh’s journey of transformation

Sarpanch and BJP Worker Killed by Terrorists: Believer in Development Process Growing up in Baramulla, life wasn’t easy. As a teenager in the 10th grade, he found myself with no meaningful work or direction. Like many of his peers, he became a stone thrower. It was a common activity for many young people in his area, driven by frustration and lack of opportunities. They were paid Rs. 500 for our efforts, and at the time, he didn’t consider the consequences of their actions. He didn’t think about the people they might hurt or the broader implications for our community. It was a cycle of despair and violence that seemed to have no end. Reflecting on those days, he realised how far he had come.His name is Aijaz Ahmad Sheikh, and his story is one of transformation and hope. For many years, he didn’t participate in the democratic process. Voting seemed futile, and felt disconnected from the system. However, everything changed when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. His leadership inspired him to reconsider his stance on voting and civic engagement. Since PM Shri Narendra Modi’s Modi’s election, he had made it a point to vote in every election. he believed that his policies and vision have brought much-needed change and stability to our region. I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of his governance. There has been a concerted effort to provide employment opportunities, improve infrastructure, and foster a sense of community among the youth. These changes have saved me and countless others from a path of aimlessness and violence. He encouraged everyone he knew to support PM Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership. It is not just about political allegiance; it is about recognising the tangible benefits that have come from his administration. The transformation he experienced is shared by thousands, if not lakhs, of young people like me. We have moved away from destructive behaviors and found purpose and direction. The story of his journey from a stone thrower to a responsible citizen is a testament to the power of effective leadership and positive change. It highlights the importance of providing opportunities and hope to the youth, steering them away from destructive paths and towards constructive contributions to society. Today, in Baramulla, actively involved in the electoral process, we can see the difference that leadership can make. The current efforts in the fifth phase of the election campaign are part of this broader narrative of change. Working tirelessly to ensure that every vote counts and that every voice is heard. The arrangements we have made, from training polling personnel to coordinating with police stations, reflect our commitment to a fair and successful election process. His personal transformation and the collective progress of our community underscore the importance of good governance. Under PM Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership, people have seen significant improvements that have touched the lives of many. As we move forward, I remain hopeful and dedicated to contributing to this ongoing journey of positive change.

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