Urging voter turnout: Budgam and Beerwah take the Lead

DC Budgam Shri Akshay Labroo extends his heartfelt appeal to all the eligible voters in the Budgam and Beerwah assembly constituencies. He said that it is imperative that you and your families cast your votes in large numbers for the Baramulla Parliamentary elections on the 20th of May. Further he said that I am delighted to share that on May 13th, a remarkable achievement was made by the four dissenting segments during the Srinagar Parliamentary elections. The voter turnout was an impressive fifty-two percent, a significant increase from the mere twenty-one percent recorded in 2019. This surge in voter participation is a testament to the growing democratic engagement within our community. Historically, such substantial voter turnout has been rare in Srinagar parliamentary constituency, especially within the three assembly constituencies of Budgam. However, this year, we have set a new precedent and demonstrated the power of collective action. As we approach the Baramulla parliamentary elections, we are hopeful that the eligible voters of Budgam district will surpass previous turnout records. The DC believes that his goal is clear, to achieve record-breaking voter participation on May 20th, outstripping the turnout from previous years by a substantial margin. The forthcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2024 present a critical opportunity for everyone to make the common man’s voices heard. He said that I am confident that the people of Budgam and Beerwah will rise to the occasion and set a new record for voter turnout in the Baramulla parliamentary constituency on May 20th.

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