For 23 yrs, UP organisation holding bhandara in Amarnath camps finds arrangements improving

For 23 years, we have been organising a huge langar at Chandanwari in Jammu and Kashmir during Amarnath yatra by the name of Shri Baba Kashi Vishwanath Sewa Samiti from UP, Benaras. Around 40-50 Sewadars on an average are always with us. This year the 2023 yatra is going smooth. Fifteen days of the yatra have passed by. Although there is a heavy rush this time. The administration is releasing the pilgrims slowly so that we are not facing the burden at once. The yatra has broken the 23-24 years’ record. As you can see, said the langar owner, a long line of pilgrims has formed for the Amarnath trek. We prepare special vrat items like singhade ka atta halwa, aloo dum, singhada namkeen and milk. Generally also we provide milk, upma, dhokla and such light items for travellers. We take special care of sadhus and the poor in our Bhandara. For the poor who do not have money, we arrange masks, raincoats, sweaters and caps to keep them warm. These sadhus come from far away lands and they do not carry any stuff with them so we provide all the necessary things to make their journey from Pahalgam to Amarnath comfortable, said the bhandara owner. The government in the past two-three years has made such good arrangements that we get rice, wheat flour, gas cylinders here at the Nunwan Food Grains Storage Station at the available rates in UP. So the langar walas do not have to face the hassle of gathering all the items from their city and bringing everything here. It is our good fortune that the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha belongs to UP and is serving here in Kashmir. Under his organisation, Kashmir is progressing well. Last year we had the fortune of serving him langar. I think he likes the items of Benaras like bati chokha, long lata, Whatever he likes, we made him take it as Prasad. He had those things fondly along with his fellow officers. The Sadhu community getting help from the bhandaras set up at the camps. The Amarnath system is efficient, said the sadhus. When we come here tired, we get food, after eating we are given raincoats, sweaters, blankets, etc. A young sadhu recited what Tulsidas said in Ramcharitmanas… तुलसी पंछी के पिये घटे न सरिता नीर, दान दिये धन ना घटे जो सहाय रघुवीर

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