Flame of equality lit by Dr Ram Manohar Lohia must reach all to bring change in society: J&K LG

‘There are some personalities whose existence is not bound by any limit and I think Dr Lohia was such a great man of Indian politics’, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha white addressing Dr. Rammanohar Lohia Memorial Lecture 2023 at ITM Gwalior. Even today, great leaders in the world link India to Dr Lohia in the manner that in the past people linked Greece to Socrates, LG remarked. I sometimes think, Dr Lohia, who spent his entire life for the socioeconomic justice of the underprivileged women, if he were alive today, what would he have said? If Dr. Lohia were alive today, then in the12 crore houses, the toilets constructed in the past 8-9 years would surely have given him happiness, LG said. The supply of water through taps (‘Nal se jal’) in six and a half crore homes would have filled him with happiness. And Dr. Lohia would have been happy to see cooking gas reaching in 10 crore houses where the smoke used to rise. Today, leaders also talk about farmers. Dr. Lohia created awareness among the farmers. Ideal conditions have not reached yet, said LG, but providing protection cover to 12 crore farmers through PM Fasal Bima Yojana would have made Dr. Lohia happy. The government has been there before also. These persons vowed in the name of Dr. Lohia to run the government in their states, how they could not think of these things, questioned LG. We are trying to build a society, the India of Bhagat Singh’s dreams, the India of Dr. Lohia’s dreams, and good efforts have been made of what Dr. Lohia wanted to implement it on grounds. There should be no polarity between slave India and Independent India, on the contrary it should be broken this is what Dr. Lohia advocated. For the transformation of society, in every person change is necessary. To touch the pinnacle of development, everyone needs to try from the roots, only then the foundation of the society can be strong.Only then in the tree of progress, new leaves and branches can grow. In the India that I can see, the seeds of change are sprouting in every person. A lot of self-respect is granted to the youth and the needs of the common man has been kept in mind. For decades, what was considered impossible, India’s development journey is scripting a new chapter. Everyday, something new is being created. In the world where turmoil is present, the world is looking towards India with hope. Where the flames of destruction are visible, India is being discussed. The world is starting to feel that India can be helpful in global happiness and peace. We are the world’s fifth largest power. After a long period, India’s social consciousness is also eager to touch the pinnacle. Especially the youth here definitely want to reach the top as soon as possible. Dr. Lohia had kindled the flame of equality with his brilliance and that should reach the corners of the country. Where reforms are needed, the light shown by him and his ideas should light the path and pave the way for change, said Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

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