First-Time voter in Anantnag: Hopes for change

The first time voter expressed that voting for the first time has been a profound experience for me, especially given that I’ve been eligible for quite a while. It’s clear that some communities, like ours, have been lagging behind others. With this in mind, I cast my vote hoping that our representatives will consider our needs and work towards the development of Jammu and Kashmir, ensuring that attention is given to both Jammu and Kashmir equally. one another first time voter further added that he currently resides in Ramban District, and has made the journey to Anantnag to vote. His ancestors, including great-grandfathers, were residents of Kashmir before they migrated in 1990. This historical context deepens my desire for the new government to address our community’s needs and aspirations. They hope that the elected representatives will work diligently to bring progress and development to our region. This election is a crucial opportunity for us to ensure that our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed. By voting, I am not only exercising my democratic right but also advocating for the growth and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir. I am optimistic that the new government will consider our history, our needs, and our hopes for a better future.

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