Historic turnout in Rajouri-Anantnag: First Election Since Article 370 Abrogation

The ongoing voting in the Rajouri-Anantnag Parliamentary constituency has seen an impressive turnout. Since early morning, citizens have been lining up to exercise their right to vote, marking a significant event in the region’s political landscape. This election is particularly noteworthy as it is the first one since the abrogation of Article 370 in 2019, with many voters participating for the first time. First-time voters expressed their excitement and faith in the democratic process, emphasising their hopes for development and positive change in their villages. Another voter from shared their happiness about voting for the first time, highlighting the peaceful and welcoming environment that allowed them to vote without fear. The enthusiasm is palpable, with large crowds gathering at polling stations, reflecting a significant shift from past elections where fear and apathy often kept people away. Many voters have voiced their desire for change and development, indicating a strong belief in the power of their vote to make a difference. The high turnout is expected to continue throughout the day, with predictions that up to ninety percent of eligible voters will cast their ballots by evening. This election is seen as a crucial moment for democracy in the region. The presence of voters from various walks of life, including women and soldiers, underscores a broad-based demand for progress and leadership. Observers have noted the efficient and orderly conduct of the voting process, with many expressing gratitude for the conducive atmosphere at polling stations. The overall sentiment among voters is one of empowerment and hope, as they take this opportunity to shape the future of their community. The expectation is that their collective voice will bring about meaningful change, reaffirming their belief in the democratic process and the potential for progress in the region.

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