Farmers taking home horticulture machines on subsidy in Pulwama

Farmer Nishar Ahmad is at the Department of Horticulture, Soil Testing Laboratory, Pulwama, getting his horticulture mechanization motor sanctioned. This is through the government mission of integrated development of horticulture operational assistance. He had filled the form last year and the motor was sanctioned this year. He says it is a decent government scheme in which we get good subsidy. For the zamindaars, money is not an issue, but we are grateful to the government for giving people like us this scheme. The zamindaar has no problem with it.

Farmer Javed Ahmad says, this scheme is benefitting the poor. I did not have a motor. I had filled the form and the authorities contacted me on phone to come to the Department of Horticulture. I was given a new motor. Other poor farmers can also make use of the motor through enrolling in the scheme.

An old farmer in Pulwama, Shamshad Ahmad Dar says, I took a brush cutter which I did not have. We used to get labours to cut the grass. Now, this horticulture hand tool will equip us to cut on our own. This will give us many advantages. I find this scheme very beneficial. We do not have much land. This is an opportunity from the government and we are so thankful, the old farmer said. This is a good scheme for those into horticulture.

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