Existence Within Every Person Carries Infinite Possibilities | LG at Juna Akhara, Harihar Ashram

Existence Within Every Person Carries Infinite Possibilities | LG at Juna Akhara, Harihar Ashram I have the privilege of being present among you all today at Harihar Ashram in the spiritual festival at Haridwar. I believe that existence within every person carries infinite possibilities, said the Jammu & Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha. Many times people go through their whole life but they are not able to recognise the possibilities and the uniqueness of their personality, LG said. For the last twenty-five years, through various mediums, Acharya Shri Mahamandaleshwar has worked to reveal the strengths and possibilities of the society. The Lieutenant Governor was speaking at a function to mark Juna Akhara Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Giri’s 25 years as Acharya Mahamandaleshwar at Harihar Ashram, Haridwar. Well, if seen logically, it is a very difficult task for anyone to sum up his amazing contribution in words. It is also said in Rig Veda that all the travelers have equal right on the path. The spirit of this basic mantra is to eradicate all types of discrimination i.e. to establish social equality. Acharya ji worked to give shape to equality and social justice in Juna Akhara. And he has been continuously working on this issue in the society also. And in the society also we are continuously working on this vision so that our nation can become a Vishwa Guru with the help of its consolidated social, Sanskrit, economic and spiritual strength. Acharya Shri also contributes as a member of the Shrine Board of Shri Amarnath. I am fortunate that I have got the opportunity to work with him in the Shrine Board. It is very difficult for me to describe the experience of being in constant contact. But today I can say that Shri Amarnath Shrine Board is trying to provide facilities to devotees across the country and the guidance of Acharya Shri has been the biggest help and the biggest strength, LG Manoj Sinha said. It is true that in history, India’s spiritual pride and thought have always attained new heights. There was a time when India guided the entire world with its spiritual energy. India is the only nation in the whole world which has achieved both material and spiritual prosperity. Since ancient times, when civilisation had not developed in many countries of the world, then India was the only country in the world to realise the truth. Our ‘Dharam Bhoomi’ has been blessed by great personalities like Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mahatma Buddha, Adi Sankaracharya, Kabir and Nanak. And if you think about any other country in the world, where will you find such wealth of culture and spirituality there? India is the only country which has guided humanity towards self-knowledge with the blessings of divine incarnations. His ideal, the flame of his thought, to be the master of truth, his education, his vision for the well-being of the society, all these are our strong foundation, our powerful foundation. The building of newly developed India is to be constructed on it. That is why we do not have to live in history but take inspiration from it and live in the present and also contribute in the creation of a developed India. On the basis of my experience, I can say that today 140 crore citizens are in seed form and there is immense potential for their consciousness to blossom. But for the seed to germinate, the right soil, right water and right environment will have to be arranged for the consciousness to blossom. Acharya Shri is continuously making efforts for this. Acharya Shri has been dedicated to awakening new possibilities in the society for the last twenty-five years. Every personality of our society has gone deep and contributed in laying the foundation of the new India. Now the entire society and this great nation expects you to enhance the golden heights of developed India in the next twenty-five years. And I am confident that your blessings will always give energy to 140 crore countrymen to move forward in the field of work with new determination, the Lieutenant Governor said.

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