Employment Generation & Grievance Redressal Camps for Displaced Persons started at 8 sites in Jammu

Employment Generation & Grievance Redressal Camps for Displaced Persons were inaugurated at eight locations in district Jammu. At the border village of Chakroi at Suchetgarh at one such camp, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said that the camp has been organised especially for the underprivileged sections of the refugee community, those who have been waiting for decades for social justice. He said that one date will be remembered in history. August 5, 2019 is that date and under the guidance of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who, showing strong political will took the historic decision of abrogating Article 370. By ending the system of discrimination, all rights enjoyed by other citizens of the country were handed over to you all, LG said. I know it took you a long time to get justice. We got Independence in 1947. After displacement of the Refugee families of West Pakistan under this law they were bound for years in the chains of slavery. After the end of this article, you’ve been freed from all those chains, remarked LG. He said how the PM himself keeps guiding this thing and keeps asking about it. We can really solve your problems and Government assistance can be made available to all families, LG said. Wherever there are refugee families, special camps can be organised to solve their problems, LG said. Efforts will be made to get them the benefits of government schemes. I guess there’s no use in going back. But sometimes without looking into the past the path to the future becomes very difficult. No one can deny the fact that you had to live too long as a second class status citizen. Equality is enshrined in the Constitution of India. Whether it was Legislative assembly elections, panchayat elections, municipal elections, you could not participate. You were deprived of state government jobs and various schemes. This worm of discrimination you have suffered for a long time. Our PM has felt that pain with sympathy. And by giving you an identity card, has paved the way for appointment in para military forces and for the service of the nation. There’s still a large number that can’t receive compensation. The administration will try to simplify how maximum people can be compensated within the rules. Talking about the problem people were facing , LG said that there is a big problem that you have told me that you have been given lands but you do not have ownership rights. Under the guidance of the Government of India for the land allotted to you, you did not get the ownership, you will definitely get it, assured LG to the West Pakistani refugees. After the removal of Article 370, the refugees said that they have been addressing their problems and requirements in detail both vocally and in writing to the Lieutenant Governor who has assured us to not worry about it The camps have been organised in various blocks, all the details will be provided to the administration about our problems and they will be resolved as soon as possible, the refugees said. The previous governments whether Congress, National Conference or Mehbooba Mufti’s govt, nobody listened to us, said the seniors. Articles 317 and 333 were removed to give rights to us citizens. In the past 70-75 years, we did not have voting rights and citizenship rights nor our children could get education and employment. We are grateful to PM Narendra Modi for giving us a new dawn of freedom. We have got voting rights and can exercise our choice in state elections and panchayat. This is a big achievement, said the West Pakistani refugees and they were grateful that the Lieutenant Governor came between them, listened to their problems and assured them that he will solve every problem.

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