Emerging Kashmiri singer Nargis Khatoon’s lilting voice rocks Instagram

‘ I started singing when I was around four or five’, says Nargis Khatoon, an emerging Singer from Jammu and Kashmir. She always loved to sing. ‘My school assembly was my first platform where I sang’, says Nargis. From there she kept on moving ahead in the field of singing. At one point in life we have certain goals in our minds. When we start reaching towards our goal we feel happy. During Covid she thought of uploading her song on Instagram social media handle. She got a good response from people. Many got inspired, shared her video and approached her on the handle. She had no expectations and so after receiving appreciation from other artists she got more passionate about her singing. She sings in Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi and English. She also likes Bengali and Tamil languages and says music is a universal language without any barriers.

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