Ehad-e-Kashmir docu-drama focuses on the changes witnessed in Kashmir over the years

JK News Today has been documenting the happenings in Kashmir for a long time, its agony and atrocities on innocent people by its neighbour country. What the media has witnessed has been captured and reflected in the docu-drama Ehad-e-Kashmir. The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir said that it is true that our neighbour Pakistan since 1947 has made terror its state policy and attempted to shed the blood of innocent civilians. The terror perpetrators did not leave any religion and class. The common people always wanted the situation to be peaceful. But intentionally, things were twisted for the worse. The terror makers from Pakistan tried their best to destroy the heavenly beauty and peace of Kashmir. Thanks to the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s firm determination taken on August 5, 2019, Article 370 was revoked for which the whole nation will be grateful. The stigma on the forehead of kashmir will be erased soon. The Lt Governor hoped that the circumstances would change a lot. The people of Jammu & Kashmir want to fill life with vibrancy and energy to achieve greater heights for which Jammu & Kashmir was known in the whole world. Today, dreams of progress are floating in the atmosphere here, said the LG.

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