Women in Kashmir winning more gold and society must give them respectable position

It is absolutely necessary regarding female education that their dreams and aspirations are given a new flight and a new consciousness is raised in them, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha, while addressing a female government college in Jammu & Kashmir. He said, more than 70% of the females are winning the maximum gold medals. They have created a golden history in Jammu & Kashmir. In the medieval times, their position was weak. With the reawakening of the nation in the 20th century, their faith resurfaced in their souls. Today, whether science, humanism, economism or technology, in all these fields, Kashmiri women are raising the honour of the state. The Lieutenant Governor was happy that the Government College girls are being encouraged to pursue independent research and leadership. He said the college has won several awards for excellent performance. The contribution of the college during Amrit Kaal Mahotsav will assist in building a self-reliant Kashmir. In the coming days, for the future of the girls in Kashmir, we need to focus our efforts to provide value-based education along with ambitious education. To rebuild and for the development of Kashmir, female ability and power should get its respectable position in the society. To achieve this, the J&K administration is fully committed and promises to fulfil it.

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