Disabled solo traveller on a wheelchair trip from Kanyakumari to Siachen Glacier

A disabled solo traveller is on a wheelchair trip from Kanyakumari to Siachen Glacier. His aim is to campaign for Accessible India. In Srinagar, he posed the question: whether the administration is taking care of lakhs of people like him? Whether the Smart City drive has provisions for people like him? Through the video he showed how he had to drag himself down the stairs to enjoy a boat ride on the Dal lake. He captured moments of a Kahwa seller making tea on an adjacent boat. At Lal Chowk area in Srinagar, the disabled solo traveller commented on the Smart City renovation and how it will make Srinagar more beautiful. He mentioned about the good people he met in Kashmir. Till now, he has travelled 7115 km. He has been travelling for the past six months. He has another 450km of journey left which he will continue in his wheelchair. He says his social awareness campaign saw a good response in South India. Especially in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. There people realised the difficulties for a wheelchair bound person. They assured him of ramps and asked him to visit again. The disabled wheelchair traveller said he wants the same voice to be heard from Kashmir and the north India region also.

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