Kashmiri youth’s talent displayed at art exhibition held in Polo View Market, Srinagar

An art exhibition was held in Srinagar’s Polo View Market. Saika Rashid, a female artist from Srinagar displayed her work. She does abstract art, modern art and fuses it with calligraphy so that it looks more beautiful. Works of Tamseel Tabasum, a female artist who does printmaking which is new in Kashmir were also on display. To make her art she makes use of carved wood. Murran Masudi, another female artist, is a student of Kashmir University. The Fine Arts Department held an art exhibition in Srinagar Polo View Market with the theme Youth United. Murran converted her photographic series into paintings which have been displayed at the exhibition. The paintings depicted how self and nature are one. Saufin Abdullah, a male artist and a student of University of Fine Arts and Music from the University of Kashmir showed through his artwork how the seniors in Kashmir spent time on the verandah. Tamseel elaborating on her printmaking art work said, a design is carved on the wood then we apply colour and print it on paper. According to Murran, art is an inspiration. The whole creation is based on art only. So this art exhibition will definitely inspire people, she feels. Tamseel says there are many students who cannot go out of Kashmir to pursue higher studies. So a Masters and PH D in Fine Arts should be started here. Saufin said nowadays many people are getting interested in seeing and appreciating art. A lot of people came to the Polo View Market to the exhibition venue to click photographs. Saika says there are many hidden talents in Kashmir. More such platforms should be available so that the Kashmiri youth goes in the right direction, progresses and brings their talent in front of the whole world. Saufin sent out a message to the youth through this video that they should discontinue their bad activities and give attention to their passion.

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