Directs Officers to run awareness campaigns about ill effects of tobacco consumption

BARAMULLA, MAY 10: The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Baramulla, Minga Sherpa today chaired a review meeting of District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) for the implementation of (Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Act) COTPA-2003 and National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) in District Baramulla.
The meeting comprehensively discussed essential elements of COTPA-2003, such as the ban on smoking in public areas, its advertising limitations, besides sales restrictions concerning minors and areas near schools, and implementation of regulatory measures.
The DC directed all the stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive awareness campaign in schools and colleges to educate students about the detrimental effects of smoking and consuming tobacco in any form.
Meanwhile, the DC instructed the officers to rigorously implement and uphold a prohibition on the sale of tobacco products within a 200-meter radius of school premises, and penalize those individuals who are found violating this regulation.
Additionally, Minga Sherpa directed the officers to display posters in public spaces that detail the adverse effects of cigarette smoking and tobacco consumption, aiming to raise awareness and discourage these harmful habits among the public.

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