CBC hosts Awareness Program on Voting & Democracy Participation under SVEEP at Lal Chowk

SRINAGAR, MAY 10: The Central Bureau of Communication, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Field Office Srinagar Friday organised an awareness programme at Ghanta Ghar, Lalchowk Srinagar to promote voter awareness and highlight the significance of active participation in the electoral process.
The event, organized under the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation Program (SVEEP) initiative, aimed to engage citizens and underscore the importance of casting their votes during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.
The program witnessed enthusiastic participation from the local community, reflecting a shared commitment to upholding democratic values and exercising voting rights.
Attendees were provided with informative literature elucidating the pivotal role of public engagement in fortifying democratic principles.
Field Publicity Officer, CBC Srinagar said the programme was part of a broader series of programs being orchestrated by the Central Bureau of Communication, Field Office Srinagar spanning across the Kashmir region to promote informed citizenship and bolster democratic participation.

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