DG J&K Police aims at neutralising the terrorists involved in Poonch terror attack

One whole module is involved which is giving support to terrorist groups providing them water, food and shelter and other facilities, said the DG J&K Police while conducting Poonch attack investigation. Their things that arrived on a drone from Pakistan were also handed over to them. The DG shared that the group was present in the suspects list. We had our suspicions and on the basis of some incriminating evidence, we questioned Nisar and their family and it was established that they were fully involved along with their family members, DG said. We have more doubts on others being involved too, and we are looking at the aspect of transportation happening from one place to another. They stayed at some other place and the attack happened elsewhere. So we are trying to find out through questioning whether some other module was helping them? The case is under investigation, the DG informed. The investigation progress has been good. The case is heading in a direction. We are investigating how the terrorists arrived, their stay, how the terror attack was planned and how their logistics were arranged. Till the time we neutralise the terrorists, the Poonch investigation case will not be deemed successful, said the DG.

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