Devotees this time will see Baba in Ardhanarishwar form, say Sadhus in Amarnath

It is the good fortune of the devotees that this time Baba is sitting in his Ardhanarishwar form in the cave, said a Sadhu in Amarnath in Kashmir. One is in the form of Bholenath and Ma Parvati is seated alongside. This time it is a matter of good fortune that after 19 years, the ‘saawan’ is of two months. This time the devotees will get wonderful results of Baba’s darshan. In the 2023 Amarnath yatra, a lot of arrangements have been made by the Shrine Board. In 2017, this kind of road was not there nor arrangements existed, said frequent travellers to Amarnath cave. This year in 2023, from Jammu itself to the start of the yatra, the arrangements are worth-watching. All the arrangements on the way are number 1 including the langar system. The administration, public and government all cooperated very well along the way, said the pilgrims headed to the Amarnath shrine. Everyone has a hand in making the yatra a success, devotees added. Here, everyone is getting food and cleanliness is also good. We have faced no problem. All facilities are good. Kashmiri people do not do any cheating, only do guidance. When we hired a horse, the horseman did proper registration. I came to Kashmir in 2006, said a traveller. Today, I see a transformed Kashmir. There was a time I didn’t want to be here. Today, it seems like every year I should come here at least two times. Kashmir has become a true paradise.

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