DDC Chairman Bharat Bhushan reviews Jal Shakti, Power Sector developments

JAMMU, JUNE 13: The District Development Council, under the leadership of Chairman Bharat Bhushan, convened a significant review meeting today with council members and officials from the Jal Shakti Department and Jammu Power Development Corporation Limited.
The focus of the meeting was to assess the progress of the developmental works by these departments for public welfare.
The Jal Jeevan Mission, aimed at providing Functional Household Tap Connections (FHTC) to every home, is on a tight schedule to meet the ambitious October deadline. With 283 schemes currently underway in the district, Chairman Bharat Bhushan emphasised the need for swift action to achieve the mission’s goal of ensuring 100% FHTC.
The Revamped Distribution Sector Reform Scheme (RDSS) was put under scrutiny. The Chairman instructed officers to prioritise the installation of poles, conductors, and power receiving stations based on ground assessment reports. This strategic approach is expected to maximise the public benefit and uphold the principle that public convenience is paramount.
The DDC Chairman also addressed the upcoming paddy season, a critical time for farmers. He called upon the officers to guarantee that the farmers community would not suffer from unnecessary power cuts or disconnections during this peak farming period.
The meeting concluded with a general review of the developmental activities undertaken by both departments, reflecting the council’s commitment to overseeing and expediting public welfare projects.

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