DC Pulwama inaugurates Comprehensive Competitive Exam Classes under AVSAR

PULWAMA, JANUARY 10: A significant stride in educational empowerment unfolded today at the Govt Degree College for Boys in Pulwama, marking the inauguration of comprehensive competitive exam classes under the AVSAR program.
This initiative, encompassing various competitive exams, including the NEET Super 50, operates under the Mission Youth scheme.
The ceremony, inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner (DC) Pulwama, Dr. Bharat Qayoom emphasized the inclusive nature of AVSAR, acting as the overarching program facilitating diverse competitive exam preparations.
The DC delivering a compelling speech, elucidated the significance of AVSAR, which translates to opportunity. He shared that the initiative comes under the Mission Youth scheme, and Pulwama’s proposal stood out among 20 districts, garnering an appreciable response.
Addressing the students, he encouraged them to view this platform as the best opportunity for personal and academic growth.
Delving into personal insights, the DC motivated the students, emphasizing the pivotal role of conviction and self-confidence in achieving success. He underscored the importance of leveraging the Information Technology revolution and announced the throwing open of an advanced center dedicated to technology utilization within days.
The Government and District Administration are fully committed to ensuring that students reap the benefits of these initiatives, added DC expressing the collective determination to facilitate comprehensive support.
The ceremony also featured the felicitation of earlier qualifiers, adding a celebratory touch to the event.
As the comprehensive competitive exam classes, including NEET Super 50, commence under the AVSAR program, Pulwama anticipates a transformative impact on the educational landscape, fostering a generation of empowered and confident individuals prepared for a spectrum of competitive exams.

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