DC Baramulla Minga Sherpa ensures maximum voter’s participation

DC Baramulla while interacting with the media said, “The prime responsibility of every citizen is to ensure that the government is democratically elected and reflects their choice. This responsibility is fundamental to the functioning of a vibrant and representative democracy. Voting not only empowers individuals but also ensures that their voices are heard in the governance process”. DC Minga Shepra said he would like to extend his heartfelt gratitude to Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School, Baramulla, for their continuous support in promoting voter awareness and education. Their efforts have significantly contributed to the community’s understanding of the electoral process and the importance of active participation in democracy. While discussing the inclusion of senior citizens and physically challenged voters, he said that the Election Commission has introduced a remarkable initiative that deserves special mention. For the first time, a unique home voting system has been implemented, which is a rare occurrence in electoral history. This initiative has registered 1,160 voters across the entire Baramulla Parliamentary constituency for home voting. Among these, there are many who are over one hundred years old, including an inspiring 105-year-old woman who participated in voting despite her advanced age and physical challenges. This innovative approach ensures that senior citizens, particularly those aged eighty-five and above, and physically challenged voters are not left out of the democratic process. It has instilled a renewed sense of inclusion and importance among these individuals, affirming that the Election Commission values their participation and has not forgotten them. Such efforts are crucial in making the electoral process accessible to all segments of the population, thereby enhancing the overall democratic experience. It is a testament to the Election Commission’s commitment to ensuring that every eligible voter, regardless of age or physical ability, has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. This initiative not only empowers the elderly and differently-abled but also sets a precedent for inclusive electoral practices in the future. The role of each citizen in electing a government of their choice is paramount. Initiatives like home voting for senior and physically challenged citizens exemplify the strides we are making towards a more inclusive and representative democracy. By ensuring that every voice is heard, we strengthen the foundation of our democratic society.

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