Celebrating Democracy: Engaging youth in civic participation

The children’s enthusiasm and the overall positive response to the event underscore the success of this initiative by the Field Office Poonch. It was the celebration of India’s status as one of the largest democratic republics in the world. The event was designed to maximise participation and engagement, particularly among the youth, through a variety of activities and competitions. The program began with a series of competitions for children, sparking great excitement and enthusiasm. These competitions were followed by seminars and cultural programs aimed at fostering a sense of community and encouraging civic participation. The objective was not only to provide a platform for showcasing talent but also to instil a sense of responsibility and the importance of active citizenship in the younger generation. Participants demonstrated a keen interest in the activities, eagerly engaging in the events and expressing a strong desire to contribute to their community. The highlight of the day was the emphasis on the importance of voting and civic engagement, reinforcing the message that every individual’s participation is crucial in a democracy. The program successfully achieved its goal of encouraging maximum participation and raising awareness about the importance of civic duties among the youth.

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