Community-Based Disaster Response & Awareness Workshop held at GDC Ajas

BANDIPORA, JUNE 04: Govt. Degree College Ajas Bandipora, in collaboration with the District Disaster Management Authority Bandipora today conducted a community-based disaster response and awareness workshop.
The workshop featured presentations and live demonstrations aimed at educating students and community members about disaster management and response.
Resource persons from JK Disaster Response Force (UTDRF) DPL Bandipora and Fire and Emergency Services Bandipora led the sessions. They shared their expertise and practical knowledge on handling various types of disasters, including natural calamities and fire emergencies.
The resource persons provided insightful presentations that covered essential aspects of disaster management, including preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. They emphasized the importance of community involvement in disaster response and highlighted various strategies to ensure safety and minimize damage during disasters.
Following the presentations, live demonstrations were conducted to provide hands-on experience. These included mock drills and simulations of different disaster scenarios, showcasing effective response techniques.
Participants learned practical skills which included disaster management, common regional disasters, preparedness measures, emergency response, first aid, rescue techniques, community-based risk reduction initiatives evacuation procedures, and the use of firefighting equipment.
The workshop not only fulfilled an academic requirement for the students but also played a crucial role in raising awareness about disaster preparedness and response among the broader community.

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