Cleanliness awareness drive against the use of polythene by NCC in Margund on World Environment Day

National Cadet Corps and students of Army Goodwill School in Margund, Kangan in Ganderbal district took out an awareness rally on World Environment Day on June 5, 2023 in Jammu and Kashmir. Student and Rapper Humaira Jan says, we are doing this because our ecosystem is getting worse. We want our environment to stay clean. For that we need to maintain cleanliness around us, said the student and rapper. This is our only aim to keep our surroundings clean so that we can stay healthy and strong, said student and rapper Humaira of Army Goodwill school. The unseasonal rain and other climatic changes are happening because of us. We need to control it. Let us litter less, said Humaira. Awareness is a big aspect in maintaining cleanliness. When we drink from plastic water bottles and throw it out of the bus, then pollution happens. Carrying tiffin boxes wrapped in polythene and then disposing of the polythene also leads to pollution. Polythene cannot be degraded, said an NCC cadet. That is why we need to reduce their use, best refuse to use it and recycle where necessary, the NCC cadet ex[plained. Students gave out messages to other students not to throw waste out of moving vehicles onto the roads. Students are the pillars of a country. So students must adapt good habits to lead others to do the same.

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