J&K LG said to Beerwah’s local residents that your prosperity and progress is now our target

I am fortunate that I have got the opportunity to come again among you all. This destined land is the land of penance for all the poets and heroes, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Shri Manoj Sinha addressing the public at Beerwah in Budgam district. And the ancient cultural and historical heritage and principles have always kept Budgam bright, he said. The Lieutenant Governor expressed his gratitude towards the DDC Chairman who he said reminded him many times to come to Beerwah, the people of Beerwah are waiting for you, DDC had said. It is the love of the brothers and sisters of Beerwah that pulled me to Beerwah, LG said. He tried to describe their passion and love in a few words from Bashir Badr’s poetry… आंसू को कभी ओस का कतरा न समझना ऐसा तुम्हें चाहत का समंदर न मिलेगा यह सोच लो अब आखिरी साया है मोहब्बत इस दर से उठोगे तो कोई दर न मिलेगा कोई दर न मिलेगा In the last three years, the target of the Jammu and Kashmir administration, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and for all of us is the same: your prosperity and your progress, LG said to the people of Beerwah. Whatever steps the J&K administration has taken in the last three years, an attempt has been made to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the people and to make your family’s dreams come true. The J&K administration in the last few years has worked with all its might and has been fighting for peace and prosperity, said the Lt Governor. We have tried to convert every challenge into opportunities for common people, farmers, businessmen, women and youth. We are working with full dedication and ten times more projects are being completed today than in the previous years. Today I can say with satisfaction that in Jammu and Kashmir in the last three years we have been able to meet public expectations and to fulfil the hopes and aspirations of the common people. The works that have been done, the way the infrastructure has been increased and efforts are being made to make the common man prosperous by bringing many changes. The change that has happened in the past three years under the leadership of the honourable PM with regard to villages, poor, farmers, youth, women and deprived sections, I understand that many people cannot even imagine, said the Lieutenant Governor. I want to assure all brothers and sisters of Beerwah and Budgam that your dreams have now become resolutions for us and our administration, LG said. It’s a collective effort of all of us, LG added saying, may your dreams be given a new height and the change that many generations have dreamed of in Jammu and Kashmir should be fulfilled.

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