Chief Justice of J&K visits Budgam to make citizens, tribals aware of their rights and schemes

We sit in the court, we sit in the judiciary, so what is the meaning of our coming here? Asked the Chief Justice of J&K, Ladakh HC, NK Singh to the people of Budgam during his visit there. We have no role in administration. But the administration is doing a lot of work for the welfare of the people, there are a lot of schemes at the national level, UT level. You have a right to be a citizen here and a right to know about the schemes. This is our job to make you aware of them, said the Chief Justice of J&K, Ladakh HC, NK Singh. The programme is also an example of how convergence can be among the government’s different pillars. Akshay Labroo, DC Budgam said our principal district session judge used the ELSA authority. The district administration along with the medical, animal husbandry, sheep, horticulture, industries, youth service, all these departments have approached your homes. It is a great initiative from the legal authority services. The people of Budgam were made aware of the schemes and how they can avail these within the stipulated laws, said the Chief Justice of J&K. Under these schemes the district departments and other departments gave benefits and imparted skills. Financial aid was also given. This is an initiative by the Legal Authority Services for a campaign of convergence. Not only in village Satah but in other districts too, the underdeveloped and forest dwellers will be empowered through these schemes and they are being awakened to benefit from them, said the Chief Justice of J&K. This awareness campaign was aimed at the tribals in J&K. After attending this campaign we have become aware of the benefits and how they can help us in our lives, said a tribal dweller.

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