Budgam players thankful to have a multipurpose indoor sports hall

Sports Hall Budgam

Ikraya, a girl student comes regularly to the multipurpose indoor sports hall stadium in Budgam, Jammu & Kashmir to practice. She says, earlier there was no stadium and we faced difficulty in practicing. Coach Urooj Ahmad said, we used to practice under the sun in heat and rain. Now players practice for long time indoors and we hold events too. Zaheda Batoon, a student says, we are happy that we can practice indoors and we do not have to face the weather conditions. Student Nadia Amine pointed out, in the past we faced problems changing into our sports uniforms as there was no washroom. Coach Asif Alvi said, after the construction of the indoor stadium, children are benefitting. They have been practicing here for a year now. Some 8-10 children have played national games from practicing at the indoor stadium. Among them, one girl player, Bilquis Mir, had participated in the World championship. Girls are satisfied with the facilities of the stadium and think it will help them take part in national level games.

– News Desk, Kashmir Ahead

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