Bio plastic bags launched in Jammu to stop people from using polythene

na ham-safar na kisī ham-nashīñ se niklegā hamāre paañv kā kāñTā hamīñ se niklegā isī galī meñ vo bhūkā faqīr rahtā thā talāsh kiije ḳhazāna yahīñ se niklegā Reciting a few lines from Rahat Indori’s poetry, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said launching Bio plastic carry bags in Jammu, the problems we are facing in our cities, especially in Jammu, the solution lies here with us. Freeing our cities from polythene pollution, making sustainable mobility efforts and inclusive urban planning, the solution to all can be found only by the citizens of the society. Today, we are well aware that this existence has now sounded the alarm bell. The changing face of nature and its effects are visible everywhere. Every country in the world is struggling with climate change and global warming, LG said. There is a Spanish proverb: God always forgives; man sometimes forgives; but nature never forgives. We all should always remember this proverb and especially the present generation and the youth. For the coming future has to be built by our youth, LG stated. Instead of contributing to the problem of climate change, how communities can be part of the climate change solution, for this, the young generation will have to come forward and lead, LG said. If we all work together we can not only make Jammu city free from all kinds of pollution problems, but rather make it a sustainable, smart city. The efforts going on can raise the feelings of unity in society, LG said. Nature unites us and Jan Bhagidaari in many ways contributes in building a harmonious and prosperous society. While effectively managing the challenges of climate change, people must cooperate not only to build a clean, smart and green city, but to build a better future for coming generations, said the Lt Governor. Our oldest living texts like Rigveda say, I want to live this life to the fullest not for myself but for the people around me. This is our tradition. Such glorious tradition and such values ​​have always guided us. I hope these old principles, values will always give us strength in dealing with the challenges of climate change, LG said. On many occasions in Jammu, the Housing and Urban Department held meetings. Along with solid waste management, this ancient city of temples in order to get rid of the pollution of polythene, has been laying emphasis repeatedly on public participation. The sale of polythene and single use plastics is completely banned by the administration. Plastic pollution is a problem that cannot be solved only by government orders. Rather it requires active participation of every citizen of Jammu, LG said. A newspaper coverage in Hindustan Times said, a city like Delhi also needs to learn from Srinagar Smart City. For a non-metro city to be a role model for metro cities is a big achievement, LG stated. I agree it’s not just a matter of resources, behind this success is the guidance of the respected PM Narendra Modi, hard work of Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas of India and Jan Bhagidari. The way people in Srinagar are actively participating in conserving resources and creating a cleaner city, I think in the same way Jammu city should be transformed into a smart city. And we all have to come forward together to provide another role model to the country. In the last month, the minister Hardeep Puri gave funds for the construction of a yatri bhawan for the devotees of Baba Amarnath. The minister said for the development of Jammu and Kashmir and transformation of cities, he and his ministry will always be supportive. Now this is our responsibility to make good use of their support and their money. We all have to work wholeheartedly towards strengthening the urban infrastructure. The Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that the cleanliness movement called the sanitation campaign is one of the largest campaigns in the world. In 2014 when the BJP government came to power, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said from the Red Fort of Delhi, we have a robust democratic system but we have to make the country clean and free from defecation. Out of all the Central policies, the most important is the sanitation campaign. The success of all other schemes also rests on this, the minister added.

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