Bandipora girl author selected for the Istanbul International Model United Nations Conference

Nazrana Ahsan Wani, Author of the book ‘Shadowless Evening’ belongs to Bandipora in Jammu & Kashmir. She has co-authored 30 books and written one solo book, a collection of poems called ‘Shadowless Evening’. She has been invited to a worldwide conference of International Speakers in Turkey. Every year there are 10,000 speakers, says Nazrana. She will represent India at the Istanbul International Model United Nations (IIMUN) in Turkey. The IIMUN Conference will be held in Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Turkey from February 23 to February 26, 2023. Nazrana’s sister is happy that Nazrana has been selected for the International Conference. She feels Nazrana can achieve a lot more than this. Author Nazrana is of the opinion that girls have more talent and potential. In the J&K Boards, girls have been topping the exams.In conferences the leaders are all girls. In the sports arena too, girls have been excelling. Her message to all the girls in Kashmir is that do not restrict yourself. Let your talent and potential come out.

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