Asha workers playing a key role in sensitising parents about drug abuse

Our objective today is to implement an action plan for drug abuse reduction. For this we have roped in different departments. Frontline workers from the health department, mission for nutrition, NRLM and Umeed so that they sensitise our frontline workers who go to the community and make people aware how dangerous Drug abuse is and how we can overcome it. When we go to the home, first we go to the house and tell them that they should take care of their health, then we find an eligible couple there, if they have any problem, then we tell them to go to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors do the tests, after doing the tests, they come to us and voluntarily narrate their story. Whatever scheme is being introduced today, it is our job to implement it at the grassroots. Whether it’s Golden cards or Abha cards. Initially our primary work was to take care of mother and child. From 2005 onwards, we get involved in whatever scheme is launched by the Government as Asha Worker.

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