Artisan from Kashmir makes hand-woven Tirangas that fly on Red Fort

My hobby and passion is to see the flags I made flying on Red Fort (Lal Quila) during Independence Day, said an artisan from Kashmir. He is unique as he weaves the Tiranga by hand giving it a professional and artistic touch and that is why his Tirangas hold a special place among all the Tirangas getting made. He says he is in love with this art. He says he has been doing it for the past 10 years but nobody else has the passion to do this work. The love and passion for his country is motivating this artisan to carry on this task patiently. His family members are also earnestly doing this work and want to do something for the country. Those interested can easily learn the art at their government centre to start earning their livelihood in four to five months, said the girls pursuing the flag hand-weaving work.

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