Amarnath Yatra 2023: Female Pilgrims from Hyderabad and Haryana Laud Excellent Facilities

Baba’s darshan was a dream for me. Baba has given a lot. And he will give more in the future, believes a female pilgrim. It was a dream to have Baba’s darshan, that wish was fulfilled. May Baba shower his blessings on everyone, this is my wish. We are Hyderabadis, we came for Shiva to have his darshan. The darshan happened well. We are going happily. People were saying in Hyderabad that it is raining so much, why are you two going? It hasn’t rained once since we’ve come here. How nice is the weather, the Hyderabadi ladies remarked. It is Baba’s mercy that it is not raining. Another female pilgrim from Haryana carried her Ladoo Gopal who accompanied her from Mathura. I belong to Haryana, she said. I have come for the Amarnath yatra and we have got all the facilities. We have had a good darshan, and now we are going back to Baltal. May my country be safe. May all my family members be safe. People here also stay safe. This is our prayer, said the female pilgrim belonging to Haryana. Bhagwan ji’s darshan happened very well and we got a lot of joy, said another female pilgrim. We have never had such an experience in our life, we would definitely like to come here again, said a male pilgrim accompanied by wife. We would like to come with our family again. Very good arrangements have been made. The administration has done a good job. You will not need to spend a single rupee on food and people serve from the heart here, the male pilgrim’s wife said.

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