Yatris feel the biggest thing about Amarnath Yatra is there is no caste and community difference

I did not feel that I was away from home, I felt very good. It was like I was in heaven, said a performing artist who takes the form of Lord Shankar to earn his living by working in langars. I am very happy to be in Amarnath, the artist said. He said he salutes from the heart the Jammu and Kashmir administration and with folded hands expressed his heartfelt gratitude. The rules are very good here and the administration and Shrine Board do not let any problem happen to the yatris. The biggest thing here is that no distinction is made between caste, communities and fraternity. All yatris are seen as equal and treated as equal. One humanity that goes around is only followed here. There is no caste difference here and that is the biggest thing about Shri Amarnathji Yatra, said the performing artist.

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