Age-old tradition of grinding flour on water ‘chakki’ still runs in Budgam

My father, uncles and grandfather depended on this ‘pani chakki’ for their livelihood. Md. Akram Mir, Water Chakki owner in Budgam said, since then thirty years have gone by and yet my livelihood also depends on this ‘Water Chakki’. If the water flow and quality does not deteriorate, we will be able to work with this water chakki with Allah’s grace, he said. The ‘pani chakki’ uses the power of flowing water of river/stream for grinding grains. People used to come from far away places to grind their flour. We used to grind ‘makki’, chawal, among many other grains. Earlier, bakery people used to come here to get ‘khand’ grinded. We did not have to spend any money on the ‘chakki’ as it used to run on water. Now the chakki running on electricity has to bear the cost of electricity. The ‘water chakki’ is better and the flour grinded on it is tasty, says Akram Mir and I like ‘rotis’ made from it.

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